A T-shirt retailer faced challenges with an old manual transfer press, limiting production to just 15 shirts per hour. The breakthrough came when he discovered TrendYourBrand (TYB). The Air Swing 2000 Pro, a pneumatic press from Fuchs, opened and closed automatically - a true game-changer!

He immediately ordered the press from TYB and also found high-quality DTF transfers in their assortment. Additionally, he expanded his offerings through the user-friendly online store of TrendYourBrand.

The changes were immediately noticeable. The new technology significantly increased production, leading to an impressive boost in revenue. The retailer not only achieved business success but could also enjoy the weekend with his wife to the fullest. The investment in innovative solutions paid off not only financially but also personally.

This story illustrates how TrendYourBrand not only enhances business but also improves the quality of life for its customers. Explore the possibilities - invest in the future of your business with TrendYourBrand!


 In the charming streets of Bruneck, one would encounter a wandering trader with distinctive charm and unwavering determination. While many traders took breaks, he seized the opportunity at the beginning of the year and on weekends to showcase his creativity and persistence.

His range included merchandising items and customized workwear. The wandering trader not only displayed diversity but also understood the needs of specific target groups such as banks, insurance companies, hotels, and workshops.

The partnership with TrendYourBrand enabled high-quality products and personalized enhancements. This led to an impressive six-figure additional revenue. With the fruits of his labor, he fulfilled his dream and acquired a villa on Lake Garda.

His story is an ode to determination and a call for traders to recognize and seize opportunities. The wandering trader proved that with passion, innovation, and the right partner, dreams can come true—even for a modest wandering trader.


In an idyllic sports store, the combination of branded goods and local attachment turns into a success story. The imaginative merchant recognizes that customers are not just looking for sports equipment but also want to take home a piece of memory from the enchanting Dolomites.

With the creative support of TrendYourBrand, an exclusive collection is born – from T-shirts to sweaters to caps – all adorned with the distinctive Dolomites motif. These trendy souvenirs quickly become sought-after highlights in the sports retailer's assortment.

But that's not all: The savvy merchant emphasizes regional identity and has a stylish umbrella display made locally. This not only showcases protective accessories but proudly carries the Dolomites logo.

The result? A simple additional business that not only supports local production but also generates a substantial five-figure turnover. The merchant's story becomes an inspiration for others who want to seize the opportunities in the connection of tradition, locality, and trend awareness.


A successful niche market T-shirt retailer faced the challenge of a winter slump and the birth of his son. Finding alternatives proved difficult as there was a lack of time for acquiring new customers and suppliers.

Fortunately, TrendYourBrand stepped in as a savior in this situation. The support of this partner allowed the retailer to handle more orders without additional effort. With an efficient 40-hour workweek, he not only continued his T-shirt business but also spent valuable weekend time with his growing family.

The story of this retailer illustrates how the right partnership can not only improve business operations but also create space for personal priorities. Thanks to TrendYourBrand, the retailer was able to use his time effectively, experiencing both professional success and family bonding.


Title: A Decade of Success: The Venture of Three Creative Friends in Bolzano

A decade ago, three creative friends in Bolzano took the leap into entrepreneurship by founding a printing and embroidery business. Their passion extended beyond the art of printing to the design of merchandising items and professional clothing. This creative start paved the way for an impressive journey.

To bring their vision to life, the young women relied on a partnership with TrendYourBrand. The processing of large orders by this innovative company allowed them to meet a variety of customer needs. Support from the experienced staff at TrendYourBrand played a crucial role.

Their order books quickly filled with sports clubs, artisan businesses, hotels, and restaurants, leading to a considerable six-figure turnover. This financial success story enabled the entrepreneurs to fulfill a long-cherished dream: acquiring their own horse.

The tale of these three friends is not just an example of entrepreneurial success but also a narrative of mastering the balance between work and passion. Through their creative dedication and the right partnerships, they have not only built a successful business but also realized their personal dreams.



Title: "Chill X" - The Trendy Cup Holder for Every Event!

Some time ago, a friend of mine headed to America to participate in an exciting festival. There, he noticed something special: every festival-goer had their drink with a coat, but not just any coat! This innovative coat was made of softshell material, could be attached to a metal wall even with the help of a magnet, and also kept the drink cool while keeping the hand warm. The whole ensemble was complemented by a tasteful print of the event's logo.

Fascinated by this original idea, my friend brought the sample to Italy and showed it to our local retailer. It quickly became clear that this accessory could become essential for events and gatherings in Italy. Our retailer, excited about the innovation, immediately turned to TrendYourBrand to produce a similar version for the local market, giving rise to "Chill X," Made in Italy.

Now our retailer can offer his customers this cool accessory – a cup holder in various sizes with a magnet and personalized logo. "Chill X" has been a great success, and our customers are thrilled. This story of an innovative festival accessory illustrates how a creative idea, inspired by international experiences, can become a local hit.


Title: Successful Partnership: Certified James Nicholson Products Conquer a Major Corporation

In the world of business negotiations and large corporations, a retailer faced a significant challenge. He intended to offer products from James Nicholson to a renowned company, but the buyer insisted on accepting only certified goods. This requirement posed a considerable hurdle for the retailer.

In this intricate situation, the retailer confidently turned to the team at TrendYourBrand. The dedicated team took on the responsibility of obtaining all the necessary certificates for James Nicholson's products. With a comprehensive package of certifications, the retailer managed to earn the trust of the buyer and ultimately secured approval for his proposal.

Joy was widespread as the retailer successfully met the buyer's conditions, proving that the TrendYourBrand team is competent and efficient. The partnership between the retailer and TrendYourBrand proved to be a success, and all involved parties were extremely satisfied. Together, they could prepare for the next challenge, strengthened by the trust and collaboration established by this episode.