Shipping - Values and Goals



Please note that the stated shipping fee is provisional and applies to one box. These costs can be adjusted later, especially for deliveries in multiple boxes. Thank you for your understanding.

Welcome to TrendYourBrand! Your partner for unique workwear and merchandising.

  1. Quality that convinces: Discover certified and partially organic products from renowned brands across Europe.

  2. Your brand, your style: Our experienced team adds a personal touch to your products with 20 years of customization expertise. Apply your logo and create a distinctive brand identity.

  3. Fast and directly to you: With direct deliveries throughout Europe, save time and costs. Your orders reach you faster than ever.

  4. Consultation that matters: Rely on our expert team to select the best products for your customers.

  5. Prices you can see: Thanks to efficient supply chains, we offer competitive prices to maximize your profit margins.

  6. Sustainability at the core: We promote partially organic products and ethical supply chains to contribute to a sustainable future.

  7. Reliability guaranteed: Timely processing of your orders is our priority. Your satisfaction is our goal.

  8. Benefit from our brand recognition: As an established online wholesaler, we open doors to a broader customer base.

  9. Always up to date: Explore innovative products, as we stay constantly updated on the latest trends and technologies.

  10. Grow together: Our goal is a long-term partnership. Work closely with us to promote your success and growth.

Special customizations also possible: Our dedicated team is pleased to organize products tailored specifically to your needs. Let's bring your unique vision to life together.

Impressive customization: With 80 embroidery heads and 15 screen printing and transfer machines, we guarantee fast and high-quality processing of your orders.

Enrich your business with TrendYourBrand, where quality meets creativity. Discover now and take your brand to a new level!