About us



Our company has its headquarters in Brunico, South Tyrol and it distributes the top promotion brands in europe.

Our company works in the local and international markets for more than 20 years.

We sell only to specialized dealers, agencies in the fields involving embroidery, print, and gadgets together with the most important textile brands in Europe.

Our products:

  • promotional clothes
  • sportswear
  • professional work wear
  • umbrellas
  • caps
  • bags
  • gadgets
  • NFC /QR Code
  • Software myvolui

Our strengths are: 

  • Expert and customized advice
  • Our innovative Webshop www.trendyourbrand.com including all the products available and their related prices for suppliers
  • A wide range of items and a broad warehouse
  • Fast deliveries
  • Customized webshop for our customers

Our name guarantees speed, trustworthiness and accuracy in our deliveries. We have a large range of items, ca. 5.000.000 of them are immediately available. We supply your goods within ca.2-3 days since the incoming order.

Our experience guarantees not only good quality but it also allows to understand our customers’ needs, such as customizing their items with personal embroideries and prints.

Our expert and professional staff will meet your requests and orders within a few hours, so we are able to face our different customers’ needs in the best way.

Thanks to our commitment and passion we have developed a modern and dynamic company.