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FEROE Order number: SD1003S101
Set of two beach rackets with ball. Racket body in white and handle in same colour as ball. Presentation in a mesh bag.
LEIS Order number: JU0111S129
Tangram puzzle made of wood with 7 colour pieces. Perfect for skills development.
ROSKO Order number: JU0112S101
Wooden yo-yo with a 75 cm white cord.
ROCKS Order number: JU1009S129
Set of 3 games of skill made of natural wood. Presentation in a wooden box with compartments and sliding lid.
RYMAN Order number: JU1010S129
Game of skill with 45 rectangular blocks, presented in a drawstring cotton bag.
TRIWA Order number: JU1011S129
Noughts and crosses table game made of wood. 9 blocks presented in a box with sliding lid.
DOMIS Order number: JU1013S129
Dominoes made of wood. 28 pieces presented in a box with sliding lid.
GALVY Order number: JU1014S129
Set of 4 games of skill: mikado, chess, draughts and dominoes. Presentation in a box with double function sliding lid, as checked board on its inner side.
BRISCA Order number: JU1016S129
Set of 2 table games: French cards and dice. Presentation in a wooden box with two compartments and sliding lid.