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Vinomaxx® "Glas2GoEco"
Vinomaxx® "Glas2GoEco" Order number: 161-00
Die praktische Sport- und Alltagstrinkflasche aus recyceltem Glas (0,5L) (umwelt- & ressourcenschonend) für unbeschwerten Trinkgenuss - leicht zu reinigen, One-Hand Klickverschluss, auslaufgeschützt, mit Handschlaufe und Made in Europe...
Vinomaxx® „EcoTableWater“ Made in Europe
Vinomaxx® „EcoTableWater“ Made in Europe Order number: 165-00
Pratica caraffa per acqua (tè/succo/frutta) (1L) per l'ufficio e a casa per il tuo equilibrio idrico equilibrato e il tuo divertimento - ingegnoso meccanismo di versamento con apertura e chiusura automatica - così i cubetti di...
Cap Rack
Cap Rack Order number: MB9716
Can be placed anywhere as it is free-standing A total of 6 cap holders, which can be variably attached on one side Incl. assembly instructions, caps are available separately 30 x 32 x 180 cm Material (accessories): various
POS Rack Steel
POS Rack Steel Order number: JN5613
Lateral side arm and classic rail for hanging garments Top sign with brand logos on both sides Convenient folding frame for posters DIN A1 Delivered with 4 cap clips and a catalogue stand made of plastic Weight: ca. 90 kg (plus ca. 20 kg...
Cap Stand
Cap Stand Order number: MB9715
Can be placed in any position in the room A total of 24 cap shelves can be fastened in different ways on one side or on both sides Including assembly instructions, Caps available separately 50 x 65 x 180 cm
Clothes hanger small
Clothes hanger small Order number: JN7137
High-quality wooden hanger with James & Nicholson print Flat form with shiny metal hook and non-slip ends Suitable for ladies‘ and children‘s sizes
Clothes hanger with clip
Clothes hanger with clip Order number: JN7108
High-quality wooden hanger with clip bar and James & Nicholson print Slightly curved form, clips and hook made of shiny metal Suitable for pants and skirts
Clothes hanger standard
Clothes hanger standard Order number: JN7101
High-quality wooden hanger with James & Nicholson print Slightly curved form with shiny metal hook Suitable for men‘s sizes
Garment Bag
Garment Bag Order number: JN5630
Suitable for 8-12 clothes hangers Long zip fastener to close Additional cord made of cotton/polyester Measurements: 90 cm long, 50 cm wide, 30 cm deep
Garment Rack
Garment Rack Order number: JN5620
Durable chrome quality with 4 castors and brake Foldable Measurements: 100 cm wide, 155 cm high 2 extensions each 30 cm
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