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Wobblebert® worker
Wobblebert® worker Codice Articolo: M125244
WobbleBert® against stress and chaos on your desk Our SQUEEZIES® Wobble-worker Bert®, also stands without feet and ensures order on the desk. Thanks to the magnet in his head, HerrBert® ensures the order on the desk in the usual good...
Gardener Bert® with slogan
Gardener Bert® with slogan Codice Articolo: M181201
Our original products can do more than just convey advertising messages: Their high likeability values make them ideal as a new accessory in your range, for example. They also fit perfectly in a gift set. This "gGartenfreund" is suitable...
Rockstar Bert®
Rockstar Bert® Codice Articolo: M124304
No stopping for fans of rock music: Rockstar Bert® comes on the stage of the popular Squeezies®. With a rocking outfit, tattoo and his material made of polyurethane foam, Mr. Bert® is perfectly equipped for his next show - whether as a...
Viking Bert®
Viking Bert® Codice Articolo: M124305
Viking Bert® not only conquers the oceans, but with his proven texture made of polyurethane, he is a strong guy in the fight against stress and bad moods. Rich in detail, funny and a must-have for real Viking fans.
Space Bert®
Space Bert® Codice Articolo: M124306
Now the time has come - Space Bert® conquers distant galaxies. In his cool space look, you can dream of a holiday on the moon and exciting space adventures. Explorers, collectors, visionaries and Bert® fans will be delighted with this...
Worker Berta®
Worker Berta® Codice Articolo: M124308
Berta® has often proven her talents and is also represented in the craft sector. Worker Berta® is a strong addition to the popular "craft" sector. Various uses as a customer gift, a present from the boss on the first day of work, a...
Sailor Bert®
Sailor Bert® Codice Articolo: M124279
Ship Ahoy! Our Sailor Bert® is a real sea bear: With a thick sweater and woolly hat he manages to stay totally relaxed even in rough, stormy seas. With the hemp rope in his hand, he can swap things in case they get particularly...
Cleaning lady Berta®
Cleaning lady Berta® Codice Articolo: M124280
Dirt and disorder can cause unrest. But our cleaning fairy Berta® is tackling it. With buckets and scrubbers, it goes to the big cleaning: stress is cleaned away in no time at all! Simply squeeze Berta® to reduce stress. Due to the...
Ski Bert®
Ski Bert® Codice Articolo: M124281
Relaxed and cheerful, the Ski Bert® waves its way down the slope. In a stylish outfit, he is ready to impress the ladies. Après ski is then celebrated. Simply squeeze Ski Bert® to reduce stress. Due to the nature of the material, the...
Bell boy Bert®
Bell boy Bert® Codice Articolo: M124282
Bell Boy Bert® brings your luggage into your room with a smile - so your stay in the hotel can start without stress. Bert® also ensures that the entire time stays relaxed: simply squeeze Bert® together to reduce stress. Due to the nature...
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