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Sportsman Bert®
Sportsman Bert® Codice Articolo: M124256
The sporty Bert® in a fitnessoutfit ensures that you remain efficient. With sweatbands and dumbbells, the athletic Bert® is perfectly equipped for the competition against stress. Simply squeeze Body Bert® to reduce stress simply crumple...
Birthday Bert®
Birthday Bert® Codice Articolo: M124257
With the best wishes for the special day and a delicious cake our birthday Bert® comes along. He congratulates from the bottom of his heart and wishes a relaxed new year of life. If you are overwhelmed by the stress of preparing for your...
Chimney Sweeper Bert®
Chimney Sweeper Bert® Codice Articolo: M124258
The chimney sweeper is known as a lucky charm. According to an old custom, happiness tints off by touching the chimney sweep. The Bert® chimney sweeper is available for this. By the way, he also brings relaxation with happiness. simply...
Farmer Berta®
Farmer Berta® Codice Articolo: M124259
Wide fields, fresh air and happy animals. In the middle of it all, the farmer's wife Berta® stands calmly and has everything under control. This calmness is what Berta® brings to you: simply squeeze farmer's wife Berta® to reduce stress....
Swimmer Bert®
Swimmer Bert® Codice Articolo: M124260
Our Swimmer Bert® is a cheerful and powerful swimmer. In a fashionably curled swimsuit, he radiates a relaxed good mood. In the event of acute stress attacks, he comes to the rescue: simply squeeze Swimmer Bert® to reduce stress. Due to...
Construction worker Bert®
Construction worker Bert® Codice Articolo: M124261
Who wants to see diligent craftsmen? He must go to our construction worker Bert®. With grey dungarees and a yellow safety helmet, it is extremely adaptable. He supports lots, trade unions and architects with a thick portion of good...
Golden Bert®
Golden Bert® Codice Articolo: M124262
Our golden boy! Busy Bert® has been specially honoured for his relaxing action and refined in gold. Now his smile shines in gold. Simply squeeze Gold Bert® to reduce stress. Due to the nature of the material, the product returns to its...
Conductor Bert®
Conductor Bert® Codice Articolo: M124263
Everybody get in, close the doors! Let's start the relaxing trip. Due to the nature of the material, the product returns to its original shape. Simply squeezetrain conductor Bert® to reduce stress. Due to the nature of the material, the...
Santa Bert®
Santa Bert® Codice Articolo: M124267
Santa Bert® doesn't know about gift stress, he has already packed everything into the big brown sack. Thanks to its cosy curves, Santa's suit fits him perfectly. In case of holiday stress, Sante Bert® is there for you: simply squeeze our...
Nurse Berta®
Nurse Berta® Codice Articolo: M124268
Being ill is totally unrestrained and is no fun at all. Nurse Berta® cares about the well-being of her patients. In this case, it means: a lot of relaxation. Simply squeeze nurse Berta®to reduce stress. Due to the material's properties,...
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