Ladies' Running Short Tights

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Comfortable elastic fabric with LYCRA® Breathable, fast-drying and moisture-adjusting Mesh...más
Información del producto "Ladies' Running Short Tights"
Comfortable elastic fabric with LYCRA® Breathable, fast-drying and moisture-adjusting Mesh inset on the sides, flat seams, elastic waistband Small key pocket with zip


Elastic hem
Elastic hem

As a ‘second skin’ products with LYCRA® SPORT support the performance of ambitious athletes. With their performance-enhancing compression effect, they meet the highest demands on freedom to move, fit, shape retention. Therefore, they are ideal for all sports.


IQseen is the brand for high reflective materials. With an even distribution around the body this material will make the wearer visible of a distance up to 160 meters. IQseen silver reflective materials fulfill the requirements of the EN 471. Millions of glass beads reflect the light back to its source. The wearer of the product becomes more visible and the motorist has more time to react. This makes the difference! Clearly visible!


Due to the CoolDry® treating moisture is transported to the outside and creates a comfortable feeling. The textiles dry quickly, are breathable and ideal for all activities.

Features: Breast pocket, Elastic hem
Material: Outer fabric (200 g/m²): 90% polyamide, 10% elastane
Código de color bl
Número de aduana 61046300
Estado de los bienes entrantes ordered
Embalaje interno por embalaje externo 50
País de origen China
Información del Producto 1/2 waistband relaxed: 34 cm 1/2 hip: 44 cm length of side: 41,50 cm
SKU por embalaje interno 1
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Carta del tamaño
1/2 ampiezza della cintura, rilassata 31 cm 34 cm1/2 ampiezza del fianco 37 cm 39 cm
1/2 ampiezza del fianco 41 cm 47 cm 49 cm
lunghezza del lato 40 cm 43 cm 44,50 cm
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