Los catálogos FARE 2021

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Los catálogos FARE 2021
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Whether sporty or colourful, noble or refined, FARE® continues to offer new highlights for all tastes and all occasions in 2021. What others consider special, we consider self-evident: As a reliable partner, we are also by your side for every step when designing more unusual umbrellas. Design individual works of art with us that truly catch the eye. With comprehensive advice, excellent craftsmanship, and exceptional quality products you can be certain that you always make the right choice for your clients. The result - umbrellas that really make a statement! You can always find all FARE® models quickly, easily, and accurately in our clear FACTBOOK – and the same applies to promotional labelling and finishing options. Use the compact FARE®-STYLEBOOK which is full of exciting design examples and inspiring novelties as a little appetiser for your clients. From selecting the model to deliver, you can be sure that everything is in hand with FARE® – whether with or without macarons on the umbrella!

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AC regular umbrella AC regular umbrella N.º artículo: 1162
Fleece Beanie Fleece Beanie N.º artículo: MB7131
shopper LIKE shopper LIKE N.º artículo: 1816506
backpack LIKE backpack LIKE N.º artículo: 1816505
CALVI CALVI N.º artículo: 131-10
BARCELONA BARCELONA N.º artículo: 130-10
COLOMBO COLOMBO N.º artículo: 129-10
BOZEN BOZEN N.º artículo: 118-11
STOCKHOLM STOCKHOLM N.º artículo: 71-00
BERLIN BERLIN N.º artículo: 54-50
MUMBAI MUMBAI N.º artículo: 44-10
DARWIN DARWIN N.º artículo: 40-00
Ladies' Slim Fit V-T Ladies' Slim Fit V-T N.º artículo: JN972
Men's Slim Fit-T Men's Slim Fit-T N.º artículo: JN911
Ladies' Down Jacket Ladies' Down Jacket N.º artículo: JN1139
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