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Metmaxx® BBQ Tool "BBQ Multi Magic" silver
Metmaxx® BBQ Tool "BBQ Multi Magic" silver Order number: 547-00
Active speakers (2x 5 Watt) Bass Subwoofer with the latest TWS technology (connect several speakers to stereo units) for the perfect Power Party Mega Tube. With handsfree function. The integrated powerbank function also allows mobile...
Metmaxx® Grill Set "Chef De BBQ"
Metmaxx® Grill Set "Chef De BBQ" Order number: 703-00
Exclusive grill & cooking set. pliers lockable PU / 20. knife & full metal pliers, BookStyle-design box
Metmaxx® Grill tongs "Thrill 4 Grill Zange" silver/black
Metmaxx® Grill tongs "Thrill 4 Grill Zange"... Order number: 955-00
XXL grill tongs. Robust stainless steel PU / 16. Design box
Metmaxx® Grill Set "Thrill 4 Grill" Future
Metmaxx® Grill Set "Thrill 4 Grill" Future Order number: 953-00
Design set of cooking. Lighter: refillable, adjustable flame, childproof. PU / 16. BBQ tongs with plastic handles, BBQ lighter, design box
Metmaxx® Salz- & Pfeffermühle "OrganicDuo" silber
Metmaxx® Salz- & Pfeffermühle "OrganicDuo" silber Order number: 975-00
Manually operated Salt & pepper grinder. design metall body, easily adjustable, without filling PU / 30. Ceramic grinders, design box
Metmaxx® Keramikmesser "FutureCutEvo" schwarz
Metmaxx® Keramikmesser "FutureCutEvo" schwarz Order number: 977-00
Knife with black ceramic blade. 115mm Blade, Set Up Function PU / 50. Ergo handle, design box
Metmaxx® Keramikschäler "KitchenCut" schwarz
Metmaxx® Keramikschäler "KitchenCut" schwarz Order number: 978-00
Absolutely sharp ceramic peeler. Hygenienic, never blunt PU / 120. Ergo handle, design box
Metmaxx® Keramikmesser "FutureCut&Wood" weiß/braun
Metmaxx® Keramikmesser "FutureCut&Wood" weiß/braun Order number: 982-00
Sharp ceramic knife with FlexPro. FlexPro for higher break resistance, Bamboo knife handle, 100mm blade PU / 50. Blade protection, setting up function, eco design box
Metmaxx® Mühle "SpicyGourmet" schwarz
Metmaxx® Mühle "SpicyGourmet" schwarz Order number: 970-00
Electric spice mill with ceramic grinding mechanism. Infinitely adjustable, for 6 AAA Batteries (excl.). PU / 24. Design box
Metmaxx® Keramikmesser "BigChef" schwarz
Metmaxx® Keramikmesser "BigChef" schwarz Order number: 971-00
Large kitchen knife with noble black ceramic finish. 155mm blade PU / 50. Set-up function, design box
Metmaxx® Pfeffermühle "GravityGourmet" kupfer
Metmaxx® Pfeffermühle "GravityGourmet" kupfer Order number: 959-00
Pepper mill in copper design. High quality ceramic grinding mill, gravity switch PU / 30. LED, design box
Metmaxx® Küchenwaage "CompactProfi" weiß
Metmaxx® Küchenwaage "CompactProfi" weiß Order number: 962-00
Foldable kitchen scale. Space-saving foldable, load capacity up to 5kg, TARA, digital display PU / 24. Batteries, design box
Metmaxx® Mariniergefäß "GoMarinate"
Metmaxx® Mariniergefäß "GoMarinate" Order number: 932-00
The universal additional UV-C set can be easily installed (approx. 15 min - 40 min depending on the manufacturer) in your existing split air conditioner (2.64 - 7.03 KW) (installation recommended by a specialist
Metmaxx® Öl- & Essigspender "CulturaDiTavola"
Metmaxx® Öl- & Essigspender "CulturaDiTavola" Order number: 747-00
Oil/vinegar bottle made of glass, airtight closure. Metal design ring incl. Design Box
Metmaxx® Schere "MetallPoint" schwarz
Metmaxx® Schere "MetallPoint" schwarz Order number: 572-00
Universal scissors with additional functions. solid stainless steel swivel joint, large handles PU / 120. cap lifter, bottle opener, nutcracker, design box
Metmaxx® Tablet-& Handyhalter "MyStandKitchen&Office" silber
Metmaxx® Tablet-& Handyhalter... Order number: 322-00
Aluminium holder for your mobile phone or pad. easy to transport (collapsible) PU / 200. stylus, design box
Vinomaxx® Glaskaraffe "LaCaraffe"
Vinomaxx® Glaskaraffe "LaCaraffe" Order number: 133-00
Elegant glass carafe, processed with a precious spout made of silicone and steel. 1.2l capacity, patent pourer VPE 12. Designbox
Metmaxx® Isolierhülle "Warm&Cool" schwarz
Metmaxx® Isolierhülle "Warm&Cool" schwarz Order number: 131-00
Neoprene cover for "PureAqua", keeps drinks hot or cold, washable.
Metmaxx® Wasserkaraffe "PureAqua" mit Silikondeckel!!
Metmaxx® Wasserkaraffe "PureAqua" mit... Order number: 122-00
Water carafe made of tempered glass. food grade, tempered glass, ideal for filling hot beverages, 1ml PU / 6. Permeable silicone lid, design box