Air-Swing 1000 PRO (35X45 cm)

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  • PS-1000PA PS-1000PA
  With this model, T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, sleeves, bags, lanyards and much more... more
Product information "Air-Swing 1000 PRO (35X45 cm)"


With this model, T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, sleeves, bags, lanyards and much more can be professionally printed.

The special base of the PRO version allows textiles, bags, backpacks, etc. to be completely covered.

Complete covering possible
Exchangeable worktops
Free view due to swivelling
High pressing force
Precisely adjustable pressing force
Opens automatically
No effort required

Made in Germany

24 months manufacturer's warranty

Modular construction:

Thanks to a quick-change device, the worktops can be easily exchanged in a few seconds without any tools. Because the worktops are free-standing, the textiles can be easily pulled on so that only the cut-out to be printed lies on top. This results in the following advantages:

Transfer prints on the reverse side are protected
no print creases
prints do not bleed through

In addition to the worktops standard sizes, we also produce custom sizes!

Electrics and display:

The temperature and time can be easily and quickly set and read on our clear display.

Heating plate:

Fast heating and an even and constant temperature are guaranteed thanks to the latest Mikanit heating foil technology. Our heating plates, which we manufacture ourselves, are supplied as standard with a Teflon cover, which is fastened with a clamping device and can be replaced by the customer at any time.

In addition to the standard size heating plates, we also manufacture custom sizes!


The Teflon protection for the heater ensures, as the name suggests, that the heating plate is protected against dirt such as adhesive residues or paint. In addition, the Teflon can be cleaned very easily or, in the worst case, simply replaced with a new one.

A Nomex cover protects the worktop or the silicone rubber. The cover also makes it easier for the textile to slide over the worktop when it is pulled on. It can be washed or replaced.

The silicone rubber on the worktop contributes significantly to the printing result. Due to the wide range of printing possibilities, you will get different results with hard or soft silicone rubber pads. As we do not glue our pads to the worktops, the silicone rubber can also be exchanged for another one at any time. A medium-hard one is supplied as standard. However, you can also order a soft and a hard silicone rubber from us.
How it works

To start the pressing process of the pneumatic transfer press Air-Swing 1000, for safety reasons two push buttons must be pressed simultaneously until the heating plate rests on the working plate (2-hand safety circuit). After the set time has elapsed, the transfer press opens automatically. The machine also has a manual pre-press and post-press function. Swivelling is done manually. The contact pressure can be adjusted exactly via a pressure regulator.

Technical data
Applications Suitable for all transfer applications
Type of construction
Swivel press
pneumatic (compressor required!)
Heating plate formats in cm
45x35 / 50x40
Temperature setting
digital 0-230C°
Time setting
digital 0-999sec.
Contact pressure
approx. 0.8 kg/cm2 depending on plate size
Pressure setting
stepless 0-6 bar
approx. 95kg
Dimensions (WxDxH) in cm
Power / connection
230V / 10A / 2200W
Scope of delivery
Teflon cover, Nomex nettle protective cover, silicone rubber
Miscellaneous Quick-change system for different worktops, Mikanit surface heating, power mode, different languages, manual pre-press and post-press function
Interchangeable plates in cm
15x15 / 20x20 / 30x15 / short sleeves 12x20 / long sleeves 35x10 / 30x20 / 30x35 / 35x45 / 50x40 (other sizes on request)

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